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Being a Team Host challenged me in the best way

This past weekend I was involved with BASS FROSH, which was one of the orientation events for our incoming students to the Beedie School of Business. One of the key messages of the whole orientation is make the most of one’s undergraduate career. Find something that you are passionate about or want to learn more about. In fact the FROSHees had an opportunity to learn more about the student-run organizations at Beedie and how they could get involved. They went on to play the recap video of last year and immediately a flood of memories came flowing in.

I remember my time as a team host for CaseIT and meeting my team for the first time. They were arriving a few days earlier from Indonesia just to sight-see. Confession time: I’m actually quite an awkward person. I may seem very extroverted most of the time but when it comes to meeting new people, I’m quite reserved. Unfamiliar with the culture and unsure of what they were like, I essentially was going in blind. Now thinking back, how I overreacted. Once they arrived, we quickly were able to share and bond together.

Ricky (left) with Team from Bandung Institute of Technology

My time as a team host for CaseIT was an absolutely amazing experience. I was able to be so immersed in different cultures but also able to make friends around the world. To be honest, one of my favourite moments from the whole week was listening to their presentations and solutions. To see how other cultures and countries viewed problems and how they approached them was so refreshing. They each brought their own unique flair and solution that really showed just how much they thought outside of the box.

Yes, it took time and dedication leading up to it but when I will always treasure the moments I had with my team. It taught me a lot about keeping an open mind and rediscovering Vancouver with my team made me be grateful for what an amazing city it is. At times there were challenges but I was able to overcome each with the support of the OC.

That one packed week was so challenging, unique, and fun. I was able to make friends with the competitors even as they were leaving. CaseIT really opened my eyes to how different the world is compared to Vancouver or Canada. Should a FROSHee ask me about my experience, I’d be glad to share that I was part of the largest MIS-based case competition in North America. I’ll be proud to say that I was there to open SFU’s doors to 20 teams from over 10 different countries. I’ll tell that FROSHee to come in with an open mind and it will be one of the best week you’ll ever have.

Ricky is a 4th year Business Administration student concentrating in Marketing and Operations Management with a minor in Interactive Arts and Technology. Not only has he been a part of CaseIT 2017 as a Team Host but has also been involved with numerous student-run organizations within the Beedie School of Business from PUSH Magazine to Enactus SFU. When not in school, you can find him finding the best spots to eat in the Greater Vancouver area, watching TV, or posing for a photo.