Every year during the Discussion Panel, a relevant and exciting topic from the MIS and IT industry is explored, presented, and discussed by panel of experts.

*Please note that the competition theme may not be relevant to the topic of the unpublished competition case released to participants during deliberation.

CaseIT 2014 – Big Data: Mining Decisions

CaseIT 2014 Theme - Big Data

You may think that a minute is very short, but in fact, an incomprehensibly large amount of data is created in a single minute. Despite the exploding volumes of data, businesses cannot get enough of it. They know that the ability to collect, store and analyze large sets of data is crucial to decision making today. This is Big Data – the foundation to a modern business’s success.
But does big data benefit every individual or just big business? Are we able to resolve the issues around privacy and management risk? How will big data transform the world for the better? At CaseIT 2014, we look forward to exploring this topic with you!

CaseIT 2013 – Mobility: World Within Reach

CaseIT 2013 Theme - Mobility

Late for work? You might already be there. Mobility has taken the world by storm with the introduction of disruptive technologies that have changed the way we conduct business. Whether it’s accessing information in real-time over the air or introducing flexibility in managing operations, firms simply cannot ignore the growing potential of mobility in order to stay ahead. The technology is here and developing at a rapid pace, but will firms run with it?

The mobile market is currently booming, and this multi-billion dollar industry is disrupting and “blurring” the realities between the home and the office. We hope to explore ideas of the disruptive technologies, the evolution of cloud computing and spark new interest in the idea of the mobile workplace.

CaseIT 2012 – Security: Safeguarding Success

Engaging in Security is always a secondary concern, as it inevitably must be; it is a means to enabling the ends of business goals. Security for its own sake has no value or relevance. The main question therefore is: are we secure enough? This constant bench-marking question, and the intelligence and systems used to validate it, are vital to continual growth and capturing the value of business success.

CaseIT has elected to go with Security for its theme in 2012 because large-scale, mainstream events have uncovered that whichever methods by which we are preparing ourselves, or by whichever
detailed methods we are bench-marking ourselves as being “secure”, we may be falling short of our obligations to protect our company’s stakeholders, bottom line and future.

We would like to encourage the discussion of a state of industry as it is, and spark a debate between the practices of Post-Hoc adaptation, and ethical or anticipatory proactive-implementation.

CaseIT 2011 – Analytics: Insight into the Future

CaseIT 2011 Theme - Analytics

The steady evolution of Analytics has now become revolutionary. Innovative techniques coupled with technological advancements have resulted in the large growth of Analytics. Organizations are able to gain significant insight from the data they mine and are better equipped to make smarter and more accurate decisions. By analyzing data from multiple sources, organizations attain a clearer, real-time picture of trends and correlations happening in their environment.

Data is pouring in faster than organizations can decipher. It is clear that the ability to analyze data as it comes is invaluable and has much predictive worth. Predictive Analytics will better forecast the course of the organization given its current environment and allows for preventative measures to be formed to overcome impending problems.

Analytics has always existed alongside businesses, but as technological advances are being made, it is showing more of its potential as a powerful asset.