What is CaseIT?

CaseIT is an annual international undergraduate business case competition with a strong Management Information Systems (MIS) focus designed to find the best and brightest in strategic IT case analysis. It is a forum where students from various backgrounds of IT and business can showcase their skills in areas such as teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking to a panel of industry professionals.

Since CaseIT’s inception in 2004, we have offered students from all around the world with the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge that they have obtained in the classroom to real-life business scenarios through strategic IT analysis and presentation. Furthermore, CaseIT is a forum for future business leaders to interact with other students, university faculty, and industry professionals who share a common passion for MIS.

CaseIT 2014 – Big Data: Mining Decisions

CaseIT 2014 Theme - Big DataYou may think that a minute is very short, but in fact, an incomprehensibly large amount of data is created in a single minute. Despite the exploding volumes of data, businesses cannot get enough of it. They know that the ability to collect, store and analyze large sets of data is crucial to decision making today. This is Big Data – the foundation to a modern business’s success.

But does big data benefit every individual or just big business? Are we able to resolve the issues around privacy and management risk? How will big data transform the world for the better? At CaseIT 2014, we look forward to exploring this topic with you!


  • Under the direction of Chair Jillian-Joy Marlinga and Vice-Chair Nicholas Heng, CaseIT 2014 saw the addition of the Wildcard Round and a fifth team in the Lightning Round. In addition to having a real-time case, the questions in this year’s Lightning round were fielded by the CEO of the company in the case, making for an extremely realistic experience for all the competitors.
  • Led by Chair Peter Lew and Vice-Chair Maggie Lee, 2013 saw the celebration of CaseIT’s 10th year since inception. 16 top caliber teams competed and the event was highlighted by an interactive discussion panel and world class venues, such as the Corporate Function at the Vancouver Aquarium.
  • To ensure sustainability and to establish a platform that will enable new and continuous growth in each subsequent year, Nima Sarhangpour and Gordon Swenson standardized internal processes and incorporated the CaseIT Foundation; a non-profit society with the goal of attaining charitable status. Together, they also refined the Preliminary Round to require audio-supplemented submissions.
  • To magnify CaseIT’s impact for all stakeholders, 2011 Chair Brian Luong seated the event in first class venues across the board, including actualizing an eight-year vision to host an event at The Wosk Centre for Dialogue’s Asia Pacific Hall.
  • To ensure that CaseIT brought only the best and brightest in strategic MIS case analysis, CaseIT 2010 Chair May Yu introduced the first ever Preliminary Round whilst maintaining the standard 24 hour case competition format.
  • Steven Chia, with a vision for sustainability, fortified the reputation of CaseIT as an international undergraduate case competition as 16 teams from across the globe converged to Vancouver for a 24 hour case competition.
  • Under the guidance of Rey Lim, CaseIT 2008 officially established itself as a global competition by bringing in teams from four continents – North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Seeing the progression of the competition, Somnath Suresh pushed the envelope even further by leading CaseIT into an international competition by bringing teams from the United States and Denmark in 2007.
  • In 2006, under the leadership of Andrew Kumar, CaseIT reached a national level through the inclusion of schools from all across Canada.
  • Drawing from the success of the first competition in 2004, CaseIT 2005 Chair Jenny Chao expanded the competition to incorporate teams from Western Canada.
  • Inception, Via Paul Cyr and Zephianah Wong, CaseIT began as a competition between undergraduate teams within Simon Fraser University.