CaseIT 2014 Final Round Presentations

Sixteen teams are divided into four divisions through a seeded-draw based on the results of the Preliminary Round.

All sixteen teams will present in Round One, where each team is given exactly 15 minutes to present. The judges will then proceed with a 10-minute question and answer period. Therefore, each team is given a total of 25 minutes in front of the judging panel.

The top team from each of the four divisions will advance to the final round. The runner-up in each pool will present their condensed five(5) minute presentation to a panel of judges in the Wildcard Round. The winner of the Wildcard Round will also advance to the final round. These five teams will then deliver a repeat presentation in front of the entire judging panel.

After the final round presentations have been completed, the Lightning Round will begin, where the top five teams are posed questions from the judging panel and are given one(1) minute to discuss among team members. After the one(1) minute deliberation period, one person from each team will be selected at random to step forward and given 45 seconds to answer the questions on behalf of their team.

Wildcard Round

Teams that are to compete in the Wildcard Round will be announced at the beginning of lunch along with the top 4 teams that will advance to the final round, and will be ushered into the isolation room. Each wildcard team will be escorted to the presentation room for their condensed five(5) minute presentation. Any presentation past the time allotted will be cut off immediately and there will be no question and answering period. The winner of the Wildcard Round will advance to join the top four teams in the final round.

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria is based on content and presentation, with content weighted more heavily than presentation. Further details on judging criteria will only be given at the SAP Welcome Dinner on February 5, 2014.

Case Deliberation Materials

A case deliberation kit will be provided to all participating teams. The kit will include one laptop, stationary, and other items appropriate for a 24-hour case deliberation period.

Participants will be in isolation in their hotel rooms for 24 hours but are allowed to leave the hotel room as long as they are accompanied by a member of the CaseIT Organizing Committee.

Note: any written materials and/or electronic devices that can store data are not allowed in the rooms during the 24-case deliberation period. Please see the Participants Package for further details.


Details regarding the competition case will only be provided on the day the case is released for the 24-hour case deliberation (February 10, 2015).

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