CaseIT 2015 Organizing Committee
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    Gwendoline Wong – Chair

    Gwendoline Wong

    Gwendoline Wong (Gwen) is in her fifth year of studies at SFU’s Beedie School of Business. She is concentrating in Management Information Systems, Marketing & Operations Management and pursuing a minor in History. This is her third year of being on the CaseIT Organizing Committee, starting as Director of Technology, then as Director of Administration. In addition, she has a huge passion for case competitions and has also competed in the Intercollegiate Business Case Competition 2013 in the MIS event, JDC West 2013, and APEX Business Biz-IT Global Case Challenge. Besides being actively involved within the Beedie Community, Gwendoline enjoys finding new places to eat! She is honoured to have the opportunity to lead CaseIT in its twelfth year and is excited to meet all the participants in February!

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    Cheryl Chan – Vice-Chair

    Cheryl Chan

    Cheryl is in her fourth year of studies at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in Marketing. She is doing a joint major program with the School of Interactive Arts + Technology concentrating in Graphic Design. She began on the CaseIT organizing committee as the Sponsorship Executive in 2013, moving to become the Creative Director in 2014 and this year as the Vice-Chair. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels, enjoying the outdoors and exploring the city.

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    Moses To – Director of Operations

    Moses To

    Moses is a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. He is concentrating in Management Information Systems and Marketing, with a Certificate in Business Technology management. In addition to the courses in the Business faculty, Moses is also doing courses with the School of Interactive Arts + Technology as well as with Computing Sciences. This is his third year at CaseIT, starting in 2013 as Marketing & Media Executive and then moving to become Director of Technology in 2014. Apart from school, he enjoys snowboarding, hiking and browsing web-design & architecture blogs. Moses looks forward to building on what he has learned from the past two years of CaseIT and is exciting for the new things to come at CaseIT 2015!

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    Sunny Kim – Director of Public Relations

    Sunny Kim

    Sunny is a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University pursuing Political Science and Business Minor. This is her third year with CaseIT, beginning her journey as a Team Host in 2013, then the Director of Entertainment and Hospitality in 2014. Sunny’s involvement in CaseIT has definitely taught her well personally and professionally; her love for this organization has brought her back once again this year. Aside from school, Sunny is currently volunteering at the Kidney Foundation as a Marketing Team Member for the upcoming and current campaigns. She has also spent the past summer as a Junior Market Analyst Intern at Lionheart Sports and has learned more about her interest in marketing as well. Sunny‘s employment persists as the Top Senior Super Seller at Aritzia with her continued interest in clientele development. She is thrilled and foresees another successful year with the new, innovative, and most importantly, a hard-working team for CaseIT 2015.

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    Tiffany Fong – Director of University Relations

    Tiffany Fong

    Tiffany is in her fourth year at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in Finance and Human Resources. This is her third year with CaseIT after her role as Team Host in 2013, Sponsorship Executive in 2014 and now as Director of University of Relations. Alongside with CaseIT, Tiffany is also on the Organizing Committee with BASS FROSH as the Director of Logistics. Currently, she is working at TD Canada Trust as a Customer Service Representative. Tiffany is excited to make new connections and memories while hosting another successful year of CaseIT.

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    Samantha Ng – Director of InTech

    Samantha Ng

    Samantha is a fourth year student at the Beedie School of Business pursuing a dual concentration in Human Resources and Management Information Systems. Throughout her university career, Samantha has been an avid volunteer in the Beedie Community by engaging with multiple organizations on campus. Over the three past, Samantha has held executive positions in both AIESEC SFU, as Vice President Talent Management 2013, and BASS, as Co-Chair for Pathways Conference 2014, where she has strengthened her leadership and facilitation skills. Although this is Samantha’s first year of being involved with CaseIT, she joins the team bringing her varied project management and event planning experience. She looks forward to working closely alongside the CaseIT 2015 Organizing Committee to pilot a brand new initiative, which aims to give back to the local SFU Community. Aside from her studies, Samantha enjoys hiking, travelling, and being a tourist in her own city; though throughout the semester you’ll likely be able to find her camped out at a local café. She is thrilled to be a part of CaseIT this year and looks forward to creating a new opportunity for SFU students to explore and develop a passion for the MIS concentration!

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    Sunny Wang – Director of Entertainment & Hospitality

    Sunny Wang

    Sunny is in her fourth year of studies at the Beedie School of Business. She is currently pursuing both Human Resource Management and International Business concentrations, along with a certificate in Legal Studies. Having recently completed her exchange semester in England, Sunny has travelled to over 35 European cities during her six months abroad. Despite having caught the travel bug, she is very excited to be back in Vancouver and is thrilled to be a part of CaseIT 2015.

    Sunny continuously strives to be an active member of the SFU community through both work and volunteer initiatives. Juggling work as a Teaching Assistant and SFU International Services Event Coordinator, she also works at Starbucks to keep herself well energized. She has been involved in many school activities and clubs, including AIESEC, Business Mentorship, and International Mentorship. In her free time, Sunny enjoys reading, baking, and finding good eats around Vancouver.

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    Tiana Low – Entertainment & Hospitality Executive

    Tiana Low

    Tiana is in her fourth year of studies at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in Management Information Systems and Operations Management, while pursuing a minor in Communications. In addition, Tiana plans on obtaining the Business Technology Management certificate. She is excited to be joining CaseIT for her second year as an Entertainment & Hospitality Executive. Tiana hopes to gain valuable project management experience, create lasting relationships and unforgettable memories for the upcoming CaseIT year. Aside from CaseIT, Tiana is currently engaged with Canadianized Asian Club as Senior Advisor for Public Relations. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, playing soccer, snowboarding, and trying new places to eat. Tiana is thrilled to be a part of CaseIT again this year and looking forward to meeting all the competitors and industry professionals participating in CaseIT 2015!

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    Tobi Cheung – Entertainment & Hospitality Executive

    Tobi Cheung

    Tobi is currently inher third year at Simon Fraser University as a design student in the School Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) and pursuing a minor in publishing. Tobi also has a passion for event planning and has been involved with several events in the past. This is her first year with CaseIT and she is very excited to be on the team. She hopes to develop and learn new skills this year and gain an amazing experience with CaseIT this year. Aside from CaseIT, Tobi is also the Vice President of the Interactive Arts + Technology Student Union (IATSU) which is a student run union focused on the SIAT student body and planning events, workshops and voices the concerns of the students. Tobi looks forward to working with the new CaseIT team and cannot wait to create an unforgettable event for all the participants with her role as Executive of Entertainment & Hospitality!

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    Edwy Woo – Creative Director

    Edwy Woo

    Edwy is a fourth year design student from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology program at SFU. Accompanied with a minor in business, he hopes to excel by combining his creative skills in design with a mindset for business processes. Having been part of CaseIT 2014 as Creative Executive, his passion for collaboration, branding, and networking has brought him back as the Creative Director for CaseIT 2015. During this year, he and his team will give CaseIT a visual overhaul and rebrand – continuing CaseIT’s image as an organization that stands for innovation and excellence. Apart from CaseIT, Edwy is also actively engaged in other organizations including Indus Media Foundation and AJ Tailor – curating designs ranging from large scale exhibitions to responsive website interfaces. As someone who draws inspiration from his surroundings, he enjoys clever designs, cafe vibes, ambitious people, and orange things. Above all, Edwy is truly excited to meet the diverse group of bright and talented competitors from around the world.

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    Bruce Beh – Creative Executive

    Bruce Beh

    Originally a Communications & Business student from Calgary, Alberta, Bruce moved to Vancouver, BC just under two years ago and is now in his third year at Simon Fraser University’s Interactive Arts + Technology Program with a Business Minor. As a Design Executive in CaseIT 2015 he is looking to expand on his experience in the world of design and build networks and relationships between Business and Design students. Outside the world of school he is an avid hockey fan and cheers for his home team the Calgary Flames, but we’ve been told he is also a secret Canucks fan. On his time off he enjoys exploring new places around the city to satisfy his craving as an “amateur photographer”.

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    Maheen Sohail – Creative Executive

    Maheen Sohail

    Maheen is in her third year in the School of Interactive Arts +Technology at SFU, with the hopes of continuing on to a Joint Major or minor in Business as well. Her love of design, videography and Management Information Systems, has motivated her to step out of her comfort zone and be a part of something as exciting as CaseIT. Maheen is very passionate about student engagement and most of her time is spent being involved in student run initiatives. Apart from CaseIT, Maheen is currently the President of the Interactive Arts + Technology Student Union. Recently, she also co-founded an International Charity called LET’S (Learn, Empower, Transform & Solve), which focuses on making efficient use of technology to improve education quality in developing countries. Since it’s her first time in CaseIT, she looks forward to not only being able to practice her design skills, but she is ecstatic to be working alongside this year’s amazing team, and to meet all the teams joining us in early 2015.

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    Charis Lee – Director of Sponsorship

    Charis Lee

    Charis is a fifth year student at the Beedie School of Business pursuing a concentration in Accounting Honours. After graduation, she plans to earn a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. Apart from academic pursuits, Charis has previously competed in three case competitions and helped organize an internal case competition as well. Although this is Charis’ first year working with CaseIT, she has been heavily involved in various student organizations in the Beedie Community. Additionally, Charis brings with her a wide variety of experiences from positions as a Teaching Assistant, Co-op Staff Accountant, and Associate Director of Corporate Relations. Aside from school and work, Charis enjoys playing volleyball, snowboarding, and baking. From her experiences, Charis brings a wide breadth of skills, which she plans to build on CaseIT’s success. Charis feels privileged to be working with some of the brightest minds at SFU and is looking forward to developing an incredible case competition.

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    Christopher Dang – Sponsorship Executive

    Christopher Dang

    Christopher (Chris) Dang is in his second year of studies as a business student at Simon Fraser University. Chris intends to concentrate in Management Information Systems and Finance with possibly a minor in Computer Science or Interactive Arts + Technology. This is Chris’ first year in CaseIT and is excited to start a new journey as a Sponsorship Executive. He hopes to learn and excel in his new position while using his array of prior leadership experience/skills to fuel the growth of CaseIT. Alongside CaseIT, Chris is involved with Canadianized Asian Club as a Public Relations Coordinator and with BASS FROSH as a Frosh Leader. He still hopes to find other opportunities to be involved within the school and the community as he loves working with different people. Aside from his studies and extracurricular involvement, Chris’ interests include dancing, online gaming, street fashion, and Asian eateries. Chris also loves the city of Vancouver but would love to travel and learn about different cultures. He is thrilled to work with CaseIT, embark on new friendships and relations, and to learn and grow from different people.

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    David Li – Sponsorship Executive

    David Li

    David Li is in his final year of study at the Beedie School of Business pursuing an Information Systems joint major in Computing Science. David brings with him a strong background in project management, information systems, software engineering, and marketing. He has built these strengths from past co-op placements with Blackberry and a local start-up, as well as from being the past Co-Director of Public Relations with the Student Marketing Association. With an unwavering passion for technology and its inseparable dynamics with people and organizations that it is a part of, he is excited to share that same enthusiasm with potential sponsors and looks forward to speaking with them about all that CaseIT 2015 has to offer.

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    Zachary Chua – Team Host

    Zachary Chua

    Zachary is currently a second-year student in the Beedie School of Business pursuing a concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Finance, with a minor in either Kinesiology or Computing Sciences. Through his experiences with CaseIT, Zachary is eager to learn more about the MIS industry all while developing necessary skills to succeed in project management and events planning. Aside from CaseIT, Zachary is also involved in the Beedie Community as an Accounts Manager for AIESEC. Zachary loves to meet new people to develop friendships and learn about their culture and experiences and achieves this by finding new ways to expose himself to different environments and travelling with his family. In his spare time, Zachary follows the basketball scene religiously and loves to stay active by playing sports and going to the gym, while taking some time off to play video games. He is beyond excited to be a part of this year’s team at CaseIT and looks to make this year’s competition the best one yet.

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    Susan Ma – Team Host

    Susan Ma

    Susan is currently in her second year at Beedie School of Business and is planning to concentrate in Accounting and Operations Management in the future. This is her first year being a part of CaseIT and is excited to take on her role as a Team Host. Aside from CaseIT, Susan is currently on the steering committee for the Accounting Student Association and also loves competing in case competitions. In her spare time, she enjoys enjoys badminton, watching movies and spending time with friends. Being raised in Vancouver, she also has a passion for the great outdoors and especially enjoys trips to the beach or hiking through forest trails. Susan is excited to be a member of the team this year and looks forward to meeting new friends along the way!

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    Cyrus Wong – Team Host

    Cyrus Wong

    Cyrus is currently in his second year of studies at the Beedie School of Business and plans to complete a duo concentration in Human Resources and Management Information Systems. This is his first year being involved with CaseIT, but is definitely not his last as he plans to be involved in the club for years to come. Cyrus is a sociable and outgoing individual and likes to converse with different people. Some of his favorite things to do are watching movies, taking long walks, cooking, enjoying Vancouver’s vast cultures of cuisines, and spending time with friends talking about absolutely everything that comes to mind. Gordon Ramsey is one of Cyrus’ idols and he hopes to one day have dinner at Hell’s Kitchen in Los Angeles. As this is his first year in CaseIT, he is looking forward to meeting new friends from all over the world.

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    Gianna Wu – Team Host

    Gianna Wu

    Gianna is a second year student at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in Management Information Systems and Human Resources Management. This is her first year joining the committee as a Team Host and she is very excited to be a part of CaseIT 2015. In addition to CaseIT, Gianna is involved with YWIB as a Speaker Coordinator for the International Women’s Day Conference and has also competed in several case competitions. Outside of school, Gianna enjoys exploring Vancouver restaurants and finding bubble tea cafes with friends. She is looking forward to a memorable time with CaseIT 2015 and working with top competitors from around the world.

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