Organizing Committee

Jillian-Joy MarlingaJillian-Joy Marlinga


JJ is currently a 4th year business student pursuing MIS, Marketing and Human Resource Management concentrations. In addition, she plans to pursue the BTM certification and CAPM designation. This is her third year with CaseIT after her role as Team Host in 2012 and Director of University Relations in 2013 and is looking forward to leading the very talented individuals the comprise the organizing committee this year. She hopes to utilize the skills gained from past years to ensure that CaseIT continues to hold its prestige as a premier case competition and North America’s largest MIS competition going its 11th year. Her other scholastic activities include TA/Markerships for business courses and CoOperative education. Outside of school, she works part time as a lifeguard for the City of Richmond and has been competing in lifeguard competitions for the past 5 years, finishing off by placing 1st at the BC Provincial Lifeguard Championships in 2011. Other than school and work, she loves to cook and workout as she hopes to compete in a fitness competition shortly after she graduates.

Nicholas HengNicholas Heng

Vice Chair

Nick is entering his fifth year at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in Management Information Systems and Marketing. He is currently pursuing the Business Technology Management certificate. Nick strives to stay active in the Beedie community; he has been a teaching assistant for the past five semesters as well as a case competitor in three external and international competitions. Through these experiences, he has gained valuable leadership and teamwork skills to complement this year’s organizing committee. Aside from his studies, Nick aims to stay active through a variety of activities such as basketball, football, hockey, snowboarding, as well as working out. Last year, Nick had the privilege to experience CaseIT as the Director of Administration and he is tremendously thrilled to be a part of CaseIT 2014. He is looking forward to meeting all the participants from around the world in February!

Gwendoline WongGwendoline Wong

Director of Administration

Gwendoline is a fourth year student at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in MIS and Operations Management, while completing her history minor. This is her second year with CaseIT after being the Director of Technology for CaseIT 2013. Gwen continually strives to be an active member of the Beedie Community and has been part of several different student organizations before joining the CaseIT 2013 team. Currently, she is working at TELUS as a business analyst/ short-term forecaster through co-op. In addition, she has a huge passion for case competitions and has competed in the Intercollegiate Business Case Competition 2013 in the MIS event. Besides school, Gwen has a wide array of interests from graphic design, reading history books, to being an active user of social media. Using the skills that she has gain throughout her time at Beedie, she is excited to return for another year as the Director of Administration to ensure that CaseIT 2014 continues to be an amazing and prestigious MIS case competition.


Moses ToMoses To

Director of Technology

Moses is going into his third year of studies at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. In addition to concentrating in Marketing and Management Information Systems, he is interested in pursuing a minor in another faculty – most likely Computer Science or the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. As well, Moses is interested in obtaining the Business Technology Management certificate. Moses is excited to be back for a second year on the CaseIT Organizing Committee to build on what he learned from CaseIT 2013. Apart from school, he volunteers as a tutor, enjoys snowboarding and browsing web-design & architecture blogs.


Isabel Gomez-GarciaIsabel Gomez-Garcia

Director of University Relations

Isabel is a third year business student concentrating in Marketing and International Business. This is her first time on the CaseIT organizing committee, although she has been involved in several other school activities including FROSH, Business Mentorship and Orientation. Isabel is also an active case competitor, and was inspired to help organize a case competition after participating in the Jeux du Commerce (JDC) West Competition in Canada and the Belgrade Business International Case Competition (BBICC) in Serbia. When Isabel is not involved in extracurricular endeavours, she enjoys travelling, learning new languages and cooking, all of which she was able to do while recently on exchange in Spain. Finally, Isabel is currently completing her first co-op work term as a fundraising assistant with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, a not-for-profit organization where she is able to express her passion for making a difference.

Cheryl ChanCheryl Chan

Creative Director

Cheryl is currently entering her third year of business at SFU with an intended concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. As the Sponsorship Executive in CaseIT 2013, her love for CaseIT has brought her back for another year with the organization. Alongside CaseIT, Cheryl is currently engaged with the Canadianized Asian Club as the Communications Director and with BASS FROSH as the Director of Community Relations. As an adventure-seeker, Cheryl is constantly looking for new opportunities to expand her outlook of the world. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga, going hiking, and trying new things. She hopes to take all that she has learned from CaseIT 2013 to help enrich the experience of CaseIT 2014 for greater growth. Cheryl is thrilled to be a part of CaseIT again this year and she looks forward to developing friendships that spread across the globe.

Edwy WooEdwy Woo

Design Executive

Edwy is entering his third year as a Design student in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU. Accompanied with a minor in business; he attempts to broaden his knowledge and to apply his skills in a variety of uses. Aside from CaseIT, Edwy is also part of AIESEC, an international organization focused on student exchange and leadership opportunities, and a startup company called SynAsthetix. On his spare time he likes to dig around and surround himself with things that inspire him. Things being like minimalist architecture, clever designs, innovative ideas, and passionate people. Joining CaseIT for the first time, he is ecstatic not only be able to design, but to work with an amazing team and to meet bright and talented competitors from all over the world.

Joy KongJoy Kong

Design Executive

Joy is a 3rd year student in School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, and is currently pursuing her double major in Interactive Arts & Technology. Aside from Joy’s studies, she works in a boutique as a Super Seller. In spare time, Joy enjoys photography, videography, and playing the violin. She appreciates having a chance to be a part of the CaseIT 2014 Committee, and looks forward to working with everyone involved in CaseIT.

Sunny KimSunny Kim

Director of Entertainment and Hospitality

Sunny is currently entering her third year of studies at Simon Fraser University in the faculty of Political Science, pursuing a minor in business. She is ecstatic to be back for her second year on the CaseIT OC to host another successful year of experience, connection, and unforgettable memories. Her goal for this year’s commitment with the team would be to excel in her new position as the director of entertainment and hospitality to provide excellent accommodation and venues for the events taking place during the competition. She hopes to utilize the skills she has gained from last year, as well as to develop new talents and grow with the new team as a whole. Her commitment outside of CaseIT includes upholding the Director of Ski-Trip and External Events position of Canadianized Asian Club on the SFU Campus. Also, her employment persists for the past four years at Aritzia as a Super Seller with her interest in fashion and interaction with her clients. Aside from school and work, she enjoys playing volleyball, working out, outdoor festivals and shopping.

Nathan LeeNathan Lee

Director of Sponsorship

Nathan Lee is a 6th year Business Student in the Beedie School of Business pursing an honours degree concentrating in Management Information Systems, Accounting, and Marketing. This is Nathan’s first year being involved with CaseIT but comes in with a diverse and extensive background in project management, accounting, innovation, and information systems. In the later of Nathan’s university career, he can look back on his successes while representing SFU Beedie on several occasions at JDC West as well as bringing several new initiatives to the SFU student body. With a background in accounting, information systems development, and implementation, along with his knowledge of SFU and the Beedie School of Business, Nathan is looking forward to speaking with the potential sponsors for this coming CaseIT 2014.

Tiffany FongTiffany Fong

Sponsorship Executive

Tiffany Fong is currently in her third year at the Beedie School of Business, hoping to have a double major in Finance and Marketing. Besides CaseIT, she is also actively involved with AIESEC, as an Exchange Participant Manager in the Outgoing Exchange portfolio. In the past September, Tiffany took part as a mentor for Beedie Frosh, where she led a group of first year business students with a partner. Aside from school, she started her retail job experience at the age of 14, and is now working at TD Bank. Tiffany is very excited to have the role as a sponsorship executive and will put in her best effort this year. She will definitely try her best to maintain CaseIT’s prestigious status and hope to provide an enjoyable time for all the participants.

Flora YangFlora Yang

Sponsorship Executive

Flora is entering her second year at the Beedie School of Business at SFU. She is still uncertain about which area of business she would like to concentrate in, but she hopes that experiencing CaseIT and her upcoming semesters of studies will begin to guide her into the right direction. This is Flora’s first year with CaseIT and she can’t wait to dive into the tasks and face the challenges of being a Sponsorship Executive. Aside from CaseIT, Flora enjoys playing sports and gives back to her community by volunteering as an assistant basketball coach at her previous high school. Flora is also always on the hunt for good eats around the city and finds great pleasure in indulging delicious foods. She is more than thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious event and cannot wait to meet all the different competitors and industry professionals in the upcoming year of CaseIT!

Alvin LipAlvin Lip

Team Host

Alvin is currently studying in his first year at the Beedie School of Business at SFU. He is not sure on what he would like to specialize in but hopes that being involved with the CaseIt organizing committee and meeting new people will help him figure out his path. He also hopes to gain more knowledge and experience from working with all the talented individuals within the organizing committee and from the participants from other teams as well. Outside of school, Alvin has a passion for the sport of badminton; actively competing and coaching in the sport over the past 5 years. He looks forward to meeting and having a great time with all the participants.

Garren LauGarren Lau

Team Host

Garren is currently in his second year of studies at Simon Fraser University, and is intending on concentrating in Finance and Marketing. This is his first time on CaseIT’s organizing committee, and he is very delighted to have the opportunity to work with colleagues, industry professionals, and teams from all over the world. He hopes that the experience from CaseIT will help him gain a broader understanding of MIS as he is interested but unsure about concentrating in it. Aside from CaseIT and academics, Garren also commits to other extracurricular undertakings whether it be participating in case competitions or being an associate member at SFU’s Student Marketing Association. When he is not doing any of that, you can find him trying to maintain a healthy physique – either by working out or biking outdoors – or he’ll be at the theatres because he is an avid movie goer and loves to critique films.

Ovianna TseOvianna Tse

Team Host

Ovianna is currently in her first year at SFU studying business. She is still uncertain about what she would like to concentrate in but hopes that her experience in the CaseIT organizing committee will help lead her to her interests. This is Ovianna’s first year with CaseIT and also the first activity she is involved in since her new journey in SFU; being a part of CaseIT has already made her adapt and enjoy university so much more! Aside from CaseIT, Ovianna is employed at Qoola and enjoys the healthy frozen yogurt while working as Accounts Receivable there. Ovianna is looking forward to the new encounters and relationships that CaseIT brings and hopes to help create the same unforgettable experience for the participants with her role as Team Host!

Puneet BhattiPuneet Bhatti

Team Host

Puneet Bhatti is currently in her third year at the Beedie School of Business, looking to concentrate in Management Information Systems and Operations Management. Besides CaseIT, she is also currently involved in YWiB SFU as the Volunteer Coordinator for Philanthropy and with SFU’s Punjabi Student Association as their Graphic Designer. Outside of school and student organizations, Puneet has worked at Best Buy as a Sales Associate in Computers and Cell Phones for the past two years and is now pursuing her passion for fashion as a Sales Associate at Holt Renfrew. Puneet is looking forward to being involved with CaseIT this year for the very first time and the amazing team to put on such a prestigious event.