In CASE you weren’t aware…

…the upcoming CaseIT2018 will be CaseIT’s fifteenth year. This means that every year for the past fourteen years, ambitious business students from around the world congregated in Vancouver for one week to be challenged in the field of Information Technology and Business.

At the same time, CaseIT organizing committees are fully dedicated into planning and executing a high-caliber international competition. We caught up with Ginny Hsiang and Cyrus Wong, executives from previous CaseIT organizing committees,  to talk about CaseIT and what they loved about the competition.

Meet Cyrus Wong

Cyrus Wong is currently in his fourth year of study at the Beedie School of Business. He is majoring in Management Information Systems and Human Resources. Cyrus has been involved with CaseIT for three years, and hosted schools, such as: National University of Singapore, University of Minnesota, and Texas Christian University. As a proactive individual, he has also competed in the JDC West Case Competition, and recently finished studying abroad at the Korea University Business School.


Meet Ginny Hsiang

Ginny Hsiang is currently a 4th year student at the Beedie School of Business. She is concentrating in Marketing and International Business, with a minor in International Studies. She has been involved with CaseIT for two years, and hosted RMIT in 2016. Ginny has an avid interest in case competitions and management consulting, as a both a participant and an organizing committee member. She is currently involved in JDC West as the SFU Captain, and was a participant of the International Case Competition at Maastricht in May 2017.



GINNY: It was definitely the time spent at competition. The entire week of competition is the result of months of hard work, and it is incredibly exhilarating to see it all come to life. In 2016, I wasn’t sure of what to expect because it was my first taste of CaseIT, but 2017 was extremely rewarding because I was able to actually piece together parts of the event through my logistics. The week you spend executing the competition brings you closer to the OC in ways that can’t be replicated elsewhere, and the memories that you make are irreplaceable.

CYRUS: My favourite memory working with my OC team were the team socials. Our team was very close-knit and we had a family-like culture. We would have socials where we went out for all-you-can-eat sushi, as well as an annual scavenger hunt in downtown. It was wonderful how cohesive our culture was considering that our team was very diverse, containing students from different faculties.


GINNY: It was very rewarding to see the team I hosted in 2016 present, and being able to be their CaseIT and Vancouver ambassador. Although they didn’t win the competition, I am still friends with my team to this day. I have a lot of SFU Beedie School of Business pride, and it was great to share with them parts of our beautiful city and the fruits of our labour.

CYRUS: My favourite memory about the competition was the signature Discover Vancouver event. This is where the Team Hosts would take the international case competitors to major tourist attractions in Vancouver. At CaseIT2015, I had the opportunity to host both the National University of Singapore, and the University of Minnesota. Through this event, I bonded with both teams, and till this day, we still keep in touch! Through CaseIT, I had the opportunity to establish connections with students from all around the world.


GINNY: Enjoy the moment, because it’s fleeting. It’s easy to get caught up in details and logistics of putting together the event, but be proud that you are representing a name with nearly two decades of history build on the foundation of hard work from students. No matter what happens, the event will not be perfect. What matters is the competitor experience, and that they are enjoying a well-organized competition. The time you spend with CaseIT will never feel like enough, and you should expect to have lots of withdrawals.

CYRUS: My biggest take away from working on the OC were transferable skills that I gained, such as: organization skills, interpersonal skills, and event-planning skills. In organizing the largest MIS case competition in the world, there definitely is a lot to learn. I developed these skills through my role as the Director of Entertainment and Hospitality. Some of my responsibilities included: negotiating and securing contracts for accommodations, seeking entertainment venues, and organizing catering for the competition.


GINNY: There is something magical about the process of putting together the event. Believe in your team, and in the ability of a group of people to collectively organize an event that is the best reflection of the SFU Beedie spirit. And always wear your CaseIT badge proudly!

CYRUS: Step outside of your comfort zone and bond with the international participants. It’s not every day that you get to meet bright people from Singapore, Europe, Mexico, and other countries. If you ever travel to these countries, you never know who may be able to host you!


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