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Gianna Wu – CaseIT 2017 Vice-Chair External


Hi everyone! My name is Gianna and I am currently the Vice Chair of External Relations for CaseIT 2017! Below are 4 reasons that I’m looking forward to CaseIT 2017:

  1. Meeting the competitors! Months of planning will suddenly materialize in the form of smiling faces and determined teams, making all the hard work beforehand worth everything. It’s a strong reminder of the motivation I have to plan CaseIT and make it as memorable as possible for these teams.
  2. Food, food, and more food. Vancouver is famous for its diverse cuisine and notable eateries, especially concentrated around downtown, where CaseIT 2017 will be taking place. The grand events will take place in 5-star venues, serving top quality food that is worth experiencing.
  3. Bonding with the Organizing Committee. The key to the success of CaseIT lies in the countless hours put in by each year’s organizing committee. It’s no secret that that this committed group is one of the friendliest around and getting to spend the competition with them is always a pleasure!
  4. Seeing the innovative solutions during presentations. One of CaseIT’s goals is to provide the best and brightest students from around the world with a platform to showcase their analytical and problem solving skills. This results in some amazing solutions every year that I love learning from. It’s incredible to see how fast this industry is moving and what’s up and coming in the area of MIS.