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CaseIT 2017 is coming soon!


CaseIT 2017 is coming soon! We’re so excited to meet you. Here’s some tips to give you and your team a head-start.

At CaseIT, we hope you are just as excited as we are about your arrival to Vancouver in February. If you have never been to Vancouver before, we have got you covered! Here are our top three tips to prepare you for a trip and case competition you are sure to remember:

  1. Be prepared for sun, rain, and snow all in one day.
    We are not kidding! As Vancouverites, it is not out of the ordinary to find us strolling the streets with rain boots on, an umbrella in hand, in addition to a long warm winter jacket…while the sun is shining. You never know when it will start to downpour just as you are thinking to soak in some more sunshine. Bring some weather appropriate clothes and embrace our constantly changing weather patterns. Lastly, if you run out of small talk topics, go ahead and talk about the weather. We LOVE talking about the weather and we hope you will too.
  1. Come with an empty stomach and an open mind…for food!
    Vancouver is known for its large variety of food choices, especially in the downtown core where all of you will be staying during CaseIT. You won’t be disappointed with the different cuisines as we are sure you will find one that will satisfy your cravings. From our well known delicious and affordable sushi restaurants to upscale fine dining adventures…we hope you get to indulge and get a good taste of Vancouver.
  1. Look up some local attractions you would like to see!
    During the Discover Vancouver portion on day 2 of CaseIT, Team Hosts will be bringing all the teams around to explore Vancouver and all things fun. We would recommend you and your team do some research and let your Team Host know where you would like to go before arriving. Vancouver is full of history and has many different parts of the city with their own personalities that we are sure you will fall in love with. Here are some top attractions that teams have loved visiting over the years while at CaseIT:

Capilano Suspension Bridge – located in North Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is our famous swaying bridge stretching 137 metres across a canyon and the Capilano River just 70 metres below. If you enjoy the outdoors, wildlife, and is daring enough to cross this bridge…this is for you!

Granville Island – a district full of art, culture, and great food. Nothing screams more Vancouver than making a trip down to Granville Island. With lots of local art to admire and fresh foods to be eaten, take a break and stroll through the different nooks and crannies to discover what makes Vancouver so great. You can find many local businesses with a variety of food, souvenirs, and memories to offer. If you get lazy, you can even take the water taxi back to the other side of Downtown and admire the beauty False Creek has to offer.

Robson Street – When you finally get tired of the waterfront and mountain view from your hotel room, take a “break” and make a trip down to Robson Street for some souvenir shopping! Robson Street will be a short walk from all things CaseIT and we promise it will be well worth it. You can find all sorts of stores filling this long street and we are sure you will be able to find a souvenir or two for your friends and families back home (maybe something for yourself too)! When you need to re-energize and caffeine up for all the shopping, there are many cafes and restaurants for you to also enjoy.

The CaseIT 2017 Organizing Committee is beyond excited to meet you all in February! We hope this has been helpful and has made you even more excited about coming to Vancouver. All your training and hard will pay off soon once you take in this beautiful place we call home.