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Moses To – CaseIT 2016 Event Chair

Moses - Event Chair for CaseIT 2016

Moses – Event Chair for CaseIT 2016

It’s a new week and we have a new feature! Meet Moses To, the CaseIT 2016 Event Chair. Moses has been with CaseIT for 4 years now and lives off of coffee and bubble tea (boba). Find out more about Moses To below.

What is your major and what year of study are you in?

I’m in my fifth and last year of studies in my Business major. I’m concentrating in Management Information Systems, and doing a certificate in Business Technology Management.

You’ve been with CaseIT for four years! How did you first hear about CaseIT and what made you want to join?

I met Peter Lew in high school, and joined the CaseIT team when he was Chair of CaseIT 2013. Nima Sarhangpour, Chair of CaseIT 2012, also happened to be one of my Teaching Assistants in one of my very first classes at SFU.

At what point during CaseIT did you decide to become Event Chair?

It was a gradual process – the longer I stayed with CaseIT, the less I wanted to leave. It was especially in the last year as Director of Operations though where I got the sense of the role as Chair and started to want to stay for another year.

Being an Event Chair sounds tough. What do you actually do?

As CaseIT Chair, I oversee the different portfolios of the Organizing Committee along with my Vice-Chairs. We use our years of experience from helping to run the competition to continually improve the competition year over year.

What’s next? Do you have any plans for next year?

Looking forward to finishing up my degree and possibly coming back to CaseIT as a Senior Advisor

Thanks Moses! Check back again next week for a brief interview with another organizing committee member. Got a question you want to ask? Let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook Page or send us a Tweet @CaseIT.