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My CaseIT Story: Brian Luong

This is the second post of our new series, “My CaseIT Story!” Throughout the year we will be inviting past/ current CaseIT organizing committee members to write a post about their journey. This week we bring to you Brian Luong, Chair of CaseIT 2011!


Brian Luong

Hello! My name is Brian Luong and I am a recent SFU BBA Graduate and CaseIT Alumni. My journey with CaseIT began in 2009 as a Team Host. Upon hearing about the opportunity to meet students residing from all different parts of the world and watching them compete in a gruelling 24-hour case competition, I was sold! I was host to the University of Manitoba and University of Pretoria from South Africa. One of the best things about being a Team Host was learning about the cultural differences that existed between the international teams and myself. With that being said, one of my fondest memories from CaseIT 2009 was snowboarding with the 1st place National University of Singapore team on the day following the event because it was the first time that a few of them have ever seen snow!

Following CaseIT 2009 much of the organizing committee, including myself, coped with the immense withdrawal by applying to be a part of CaseIT 2010. I landed a position as the Director of University Relations and could not have been happier. Simply put, I went from being the teams’ friend to the teams’ father. It was a lot of work over the year, but it was all worth it when I finally got to put faces to the names that I had been emailing on a regular basis.

In true CaseIT fashion, then Chair and Vice-Chair May Yu and Stephen Lee approached me during post-event withdrawal with the opportunity to become the Chair of CaseIT 2011. Accepting the offer was one of the best decisions that I have made in my university career. In my eyes the soft skills that I obtained through the planning and execution of the event were equally or more important than the content that I learned in class. My grades did reflect the priority that I put forth in CaseIT, but in reflection I would not have changed very much.


Following my involvement with the CaseIT organizing committee, I went on to intern at Engine Digital as an Administrative Assistant, become a delegate and eventual part of the 2nd place JDC West 2013 MIS Team and am now about to begin working as an Enterprise Risk Consultant with Deloitte. In summary, CaseIT helped shape the person that I am today and I will always be an advocate for involvement on the organizing committee. But I also do wish for everyone to find the thing(s) that shape the person that they are to become and I am almost certain that it will not come from a textbook!