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My CaseIT Story: Sunny Kim

Welcome to our new series, “My CaseIT Story!” Throughout the year we will be inviting past/ current CaseIT organizing committee members to write a post about their journey. This week we bring to you Sunny Kim, this year’s Director of Entertainment & Hospitality and a team host from last year!


Sunny Kim

My name is Sunny Kim and I am currently enrolled in my third year of studies as a Political Science Major, pursuing a minor in Business at SFU. My first year with CaseIT 2013 as the Team Host was an incredible experience, possibly the best way to learn more about the Business Field coming from a Political Science Faculty. The reason to why I joined last year built from being intrigued by my close companions who were heavily involved within CaseIT or had been in the previous years. The members deeply encouraged that I join and that I would not regret my choice in being a part of the organizing committee for the coming year. One may have said that it is “life-changing”, and it really was, not in the most dramatic way, however, in a way that opened up my eyes to another perspective of my university career.

In terms of what I gained and what I would consider the key takeaway from the opportunity to be last year’s Team Hosts for CaseIT 2013 would be the importance of diligence, teamwork and chance.

One of the most important responsibilities as a Team Host is the task of in-kind donation search which takes time and diligence to really get the most out of the managers of different kinds of industries; to provide as much as we can as Team Hosts to welcome the participating schools coming from across the Globe, as well as to provide the organizing committee with many of the necessities throughout the duration of the competition.


Another responsibility I felt as a Team Host was the ability to cope with the rest of the OC, and take initiatives when things had to be done. As CaseIT MIS Case Competition itself is a student run organization where every single members of OC put in hours and hours of work and sleepless nights, it occurred to me that everyone on the team should be doing work as hard as everyone else, if not harder, to make it another successful year just as before.

Sunny and Team from Queensland


Lastly, the universities I hosted were Queensland University of Technology and San Diego State University. The two teams were such welcoming individuals whom I personally felt, welcomed me as their Team Host, more than I welcomed them as competing schools that came from a far to be a part of CaseIT 2013. Spending my every free minute out of the busy schedule during the duration of CaseIT with the two schools was important to me because not only were they visitors, however, they were preparing to compete, to showcase their best skills as a team to the judging panels- of course, I wanted provide them with anything I can if it were to help them do their best and possibly win the competition. It was just chance, that I got to meet the mischievous Australian gentlemen who scared us down the hotel halls past 3AM, and the sweet San Diego Team who ran to the School Store just to get me an SDSU Sweatshirt as a Gift, right before their flight to Vancouver which almost made them late. I was lucky to host such great individuals from each of the schools as my first year in CaseIT.



To return this year as the Director of Entertainment and Hospitality, I am returning, determined to be a part of another successful year of organizing CaseIT 2014. Personally, to be a part of CaseIT means: to BE Inspired at our networking events such as the Corporate Function and Welcome dinner which invites all of our major sponsors’ representatives of CaseIT. To meet various industry representatives, whom can inform you better and potentially guide you into their own industry in the future. To be a part of CaseIt also means to me: to BE Global, and possibly go on exchange and be a part of another faculty, another campus away from home to meet new great people just as I have met the participating schools of CaseIT 2013. Lastly, being a part of CaseIT also can motivate students to Be Driven, and participate in other case competitions by witnessing the preparation process, the teamwork building, and the thrill of competing against other experienced students from across the world.