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Spotlight: Jayne McMillan @ SAP

One week left before CaseIT 2013 begins! This week we are featuring our long-time sponsor, Jayne McMillan, from SAP!

Jayne McMillan

Tell us a bit about your company.

SAP’s purpose is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Our vision is to help every customer become a best-run business.  SAP is a business leader that powers the global economy and is positively impacting the lives of millions of people through customers and our sustainability efforts. From our successful roots in ERP and mission critical businesses we are now recognized for our innovation solutions in mobile, cloud, database technology, analytics, and applications.  Today, SAP is a dominant global player that operates in all major countries.

How many groups do you usually sponsor each year?

SAP is proud to support many local organizations through our volunteer programs and through financial sponsorship.

How important do you feel education is for students?

I believe post-secondary education in any form is important for our youth. I could write a novel on this topic from personal experience with having children attending post-secondary at this time. Through grad transition interviews at our local secondary school I have interviewed numerous grade 12 students over the years and saw patterns, which I wish, could change. So many students just don’t know what they want to do or more importantly they really don’t know what avenues they have. My advice is for students to ask lots of questions about career types and parents need to assist by seeking contacts and forums to find options for their children.

Do you advise students to seek out for employment/volunteering early on?

Absolutely! For instance, our two daughters were encouraged to first seek out volunteering opportunities at places where they enjoyed being at such as their dance studio and horse riding facility. Both of these volunteers’ roles developed into employment during their secondary school years and provided them with valuable interpersonal skills.

When did you sponsor CaseIT?

From its inception. One of the co-founders, Paul Cyr worked as a co-op for me at Alderwoods Group and we discussed many times the development of CaseIT. From that point until today, regardless of which firm I’ve worked for, I have always been able to secure the Technology Sponsor role and provide resources for judging or the discussion panels.

Have you attended the event? If so, how was your experience?

I’ve attended various aspects of the event each year be it through being a judge, participant on a discussion panel or in the background by coordinating the loaner laptops as the Technology Sponsor.

What makes CaseIT unique from other competitions/groups you have sponsored?

Working with our future leaders!

Would you recommend other companies to sponsor CaseIT?

Yes, especially companies with global presence since it’s an international competition

Name three words to describe your experience with CaseIT?

Rewarding; Inspiring; Opportunity


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