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Spotlight: Kayleigh Roberts

This week we are featuring Kayleight Roberts participated in CaseIT 2011. She was a student at Queen’s School of Business studying Commerce. She know works as an Account Executive at EMC Corporation!

Name a couple of your greatest takeaways from CaseIT and share how you apply it in your studies/career?

  1. Formulating and articulating a clear point of view is a skill I was able to hone during case competitions, like CaseIT, and use every day when progressing sales campaigns at EMC.
  2. I learned to understand problems from various perspectives by working in a team of three, rather than independently. The strength of a team is definitely stronger than the sum of its parts when working together and communicating effectively.

What advice would you give someone who will be competing in CaseIT for the first time?

An understanding of technology or applied technical experience will only get you so far in CaseIT. It is more about formulating a strong, unique point of view and effectively articulating it and defending it to the judges. CaseIT is not like a class or an exam – it’s less about what you know, and more about the strategy you’re able to create with your team.

What is your most memorable moment from CaseIT?

Winning!! 🙂

But more importantly, meeting so many other students interested in the same subject matter was phenomenal. Technology and business is a fascinating and incredibly relevant area in modern industry, in my opinion, and it was great to meet people like myself about to start careers in the business from all over the world and share experiences and perspectives. I still stay in touch with my fellow competitors today and expect to continue to cross paths throughout my career.

Linkedin: Kayleigh Roberts
Twitter: @CANADATA


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