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Spotlight: Olga Volkoff @ SFU Beedie

Welcome back to the school! We hope that you have all enjoyed your winter holiday.
This week we bring to you one of our main pillars of support from SFU Beedie, one of our faculty advisors, Olga Volkoff.

Please tell us how long you have been with the Beedie School of Business. Please tell us briefly about your position and roles as a faculty member?

Beedie Faculty Member since: July 2005
Position and roles:

  • Associate Professor of MIS – teaching Bus 362: Systems Analysis and Design and Bus 468: Managing IS for Business Value
  • Associate Dean – Faculty Development and Research

What is the biggest satisfaction you receive from being a faculty member?

  • Seeing individual students blossom
  • Working on my research with my research partners

How important do you think education is for students? What kinds of goals and expectations do your faculty have for students?

I expect my students to learn how to learn, and to become critical thinkers. Facts are always available at one’s fingertips, and skills lose their currency, but knowing what questions to ask and where to look for answers is always valuable.

What is most rewarding about being a faculty support for CaseIT? How beneficial/rewarding is it for students to get involved with an organization like CaseIT?

I enjoy working with the CaseIT OC because they are an impressive and energetic group of students who do excellent work. I suspect students learn as much or more about how to operate in the real world from their experience with CaseIT than they get out of many classes they take.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a student who have not yet had the opportunity to explore outside their studies?

Get involved in something – anything – outside your studies. Otherwise you have squandered the opportunities offered by SFU – you might just as well stay at home and take the courses online.

What could you say to coaches/other school faculty members to persuade them to participate in CaseIT based on your experience/knowledge with the event?

Being involved with CaseIT offers the best parts of the teaching experience (working with motivated students) without the negative parts (grading)

If you have attended one of our events, what stood out to you the most?

The level of professionalism.


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