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Spotlight: Maggie Lee

Before the end of the year, we bring to you Maggie Lee, the vice-chair of CaseIT 2013.

Maggie Lee

What were/was your other position(s) with CaseIT?

Director of Administration (CaseIT 2011), Director of University Relations (CaseIT 2012).

If you are currently still in school what is your concentration/major? 
I am in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in Criminology.

How did SFU and post secondary studies benefit your career today? In your opinion, how important do you think it is to be involved in school events and why?
I think it is really important to be involved in school events. Being involved in school events provides an amazing experience aside from academics. You really get to experience in real life instead of learning it from a textbook. There are important skills in life you cannot learn through reading or memorizing, and those are the skills you get to establish from participating or organizing school events.

How long have you been active with CaseIT? Are you still involved? What steered you to take a position as part of the OC?
I have been involved with CaseIT for 2 years now and this is my 3rd year. I first heard about CaseIT through CAC (Canadianized Asian Club – largest social club on campus) when Stephen Lee, one of my Senior Advisor within CAC who also happened to be the Senior Advisor for CaseIT 2011 introduced me to the case competition. Although I wasn’t in business at the time, he told me it was a great experience overall. I was planning to apply for team host but he motivated me to try and apply for an executive position and after being chosen as the Director of Administration, I was in love with CaseIT as the position allowed me to overlook all the departments and got me more familiar with CaseIT overall.

If you could sum up the planning and execution stages of CaseIT in one word what would it be and why?
DETAILS: “The organizing committee works so hard every year to make the event amazing throughout the course of the 4 days. We really get down to the nitty gritty to make sure everything is taken care of. “

What is your most memorable moment from CaseIT?

There are TOO MANY! Last year, I was up every single night making sure the logistics ran smoothly. Over the 4 days I’d say I only received 6 hours of sleep. However, I’d say the best moment would be waking up on the 5th day after the 4 days of CaseIT and knowing that all the hours spent on CaseIT was totally worth it. Never did I regret not sleeping although I must say I made up a lot of the sleep afterwards during lectures.


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