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Spotlight: Tim T.L. Chan

Have a happy holidays! This week we bring to you one of the very first CaseIT organizing committee members, Tim T.L.Chan. He was brought on board to facilitate the website design and maintenance for the first CaseIT competition in 2003.

If you are currently still in school what is your concentration/major? If graduated, what is your occupation/job title? Is your current employment related to your degree?

I have graduated and am currently a Certified Financial Planner (R), which is related to my BBA (Honors) with concentrations in MIS and Finance.

How did SFU and post secondary studies benefit your career today? In your opinion, how important do you think it is to be involved in school events and why?

In my opinion, post secondary education fosters a place for critical thinking, teamwork, communication skills and creativity via events and activities such as CaseIT.

How long have you been active with CaseIT? Are you still involved? What steered you to take a position as part of the OC?

I got involved because I wanted to be a member of the CaseIT committee to fulfill one of my dreams of creating an event. At that point in time, also in engaging SFU students and students from various of universities all over the world

If you could sum up the planning and execution stages of CaseIT in one word what would it be and why?

Amazing : “It was amazing to experience the process from start to finish, see how participants worked so hard to compete, and how faculty members were very supportive towards the CaseIT initiative.”

What is your most memorable moment from CaseIT?

Most memorable moment was seeing the presenters in action. Winning is excellent, but enjoying the process is most important.


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