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Spotlight: Matthew Tse

This week we bring to you Matthew Tse (@MAHHfew), who was on the CaseIT team for two years!

Matthew Tse

What were/was your position(s) with CaseIT, and what years were you part of the OC?

My name is Matthew Tse. The positions I taken is Sponsorship Executive in 2011 and Director of Sponsorship in 2012

If you are currently still in school what is your concentration/major?

My concentration is Finance & MIS. Studying both Finance & MIS gives me the ability to interpret numbers and understand of the versatility of technology in business. For me  personally, neither a career in Finance or IT interests me, so these concentrations are mostly for knowledge and to develop a good foundation of general skills. Currently, I am interested in pursuing a career in advertising, online brand management, and/or public relations.

How did SFU and post secondary studies benefit your career today? In your opinion, how important do you think it is to be involved in school events and why?

SFU has given me the opportunity to meet a variety of students, and develop my own interpersonal skills. I am a much more confident and self-driven individual having been studying here at SFU for the past 3 years.

Being involved is one of the greatest things about post secondary studies. You learn so many skills that you can take back into the classroom, but most importantly, you’re given the opportunity to experience a scenario that you would face in the real world. These opportunities help develop your ability to think on your feet and problem solve, which are both critical skills to have. Once you get into the real world, the problems and situations are going to constantly change, and you’ll need to be able to respond dynamically and efficiently. By putting yourself into these scenarios via school events, you’ll be equipped with skills that will help you immensely in the future.

How long have you been active with CaseIT? Are you still involved? What steered you to take a position as part of the OC?

I don’t know if you would consider my role right now as “active”, but I’ve been apart of the OC for a total of 2 years (CaseIT 2011 & 2012). I was first introduced to CaseIT by Stephen Lee, who approached me at a dinner after a club meeting we had. As an individual who enjoys challenges and being involved, I figured CaseIT would be my first big step into my extra-curricular involvement at SFU.

If you could sum up the planning and execution stages of CaseIT in one word what would it be and why?

DOWORK: “DOWORK is a motto that has stuck with me ever since I started CaseIT. Simply put, it is the mentality and willingness to go above and beyond your own expectations to accomplish a goal you have in mind. As CaseIT is the largest MIS case competition in North America, there is a substantial amount of time and effort put into organizing it. In order to continue the success of CaseIT, one should apply a DOWORK attitude in everything he/she does.”

What is your most memorable moment from CaseIT?

The entire 4 days of CaseIT! Everything from the events that take place during the day to the late debriefs, CaseIT is something that I’ve created many memories from. If there’s one memory that really sticks out for me though, it’s the relentless drive of the entire OC to DOWORK (aka throwing down pushups at any time and any place).


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