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Spotlight: Jordan Pennekamp

This week we bring to you a past participant of CaseIT, Jordan Pennekamp! He participated in the competition just last year.

University: University of Minnesota, Curtis L. Carlson School of Management

Concentration of study: Management Information Systems

Occupation: Management Consultant

Name a couple of your greatest takeaways from CaseIT and share how you apply it in your studies/career? The ability to not only confidently and successfully build a business plan or slide deck, but to communicate this information in an effective way. The confidence that you are a competent business professional who has a story to tell.

What advice would you give someone who will be competing in CaseIT for the first time? Speak to everyone. Grow your network. Embrace the community of highly competent and driven students who, while maintaining diverse backgrounds, are more often than not of similar mindset to yourself.

What is your most memorable moment from CaseIT? Aside from the amazing time during the day of the competition, the club in downtown Vancouver immediately after the closing ceremony was outstanding. Good times, great people, and much fancy footwork.

LinkedIn: Jordan Pennekamp
Twitter: jwpennekamp


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